Our corporate responsibility

We have clear and transparent standards for corporate responsibility. 

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We are committed to an ethical, environmentally and socially responsible approach to financing Australian exports and interests, including overseas infrastructure development.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy outlines the ways in which we fulfil our responsibilities. In line with our strategy, we:

  • uphold best practice environmental and social standards in the transactions we support
  • minimise the environmental footprint of our operations
  • engage with stakeholders across all of our business
  • demonstrate ethical behaviour in all that we do.

As a Commonwealth government agency, we are part of a whole of government approach to implement a child-safe framework to protect children and young people from abuse.

We consider the risk of child exploitation and abuse, including through child slave labour, in the transactions we support through a number of measures, including:

  • applying the International Finance Corporation (IFC, a part of the World Bank Group) Performance Standards to relevant transactions, which includes requirements for protection of vulnerable workers including children (Performance Standard 2)
  • using a screen for small value transactions to identify those requiring more detailed review
  • including requirements concerning child labour in a transaction’s legal documentation.


We uphold best practice environmental and social standards in the transactions we support. 

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Environmental footprint

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, including:

  • our energy and water use, solid waste generation and business travel
  • our procurement, purchasing and contracting arrangements.

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Stakeholder engagement

Our stakeholders comprise our customers, our employees, the Government and the broader community, which may mean within Australia or overseas.

We aim to engage with each of these groups in a way that’s relevant to their needs.

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Business ethics

We believe the success of our business depends on our stakeholders’ trust and confidence in us. This trust can only be maintained if we act ethically.

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