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Supplier Code of Conduct

At Export Finance Australia, our expectation is that our suppliers and their employees, related entities and supply chains operate in a legal, ethical and socially responsible way. Our Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) outlines the minimum standards we expect our suppliers to meet and aim to exceed. Our procurement principles are set out on our website.

Who does this Code apply to?

This Code applies to all our procurement activities. When we say ‘you’ or ‘supplier’ it is a reference to any person or entity that supplies any goods and/or services to us. We expect all existing and new suppliers to meet or exceed the minimum standards outlined in this Code.

We encourage you to communicate the substance of this Code to your employees, related entities, suppliers, agents and subcontractors and support them in understanding and complying with this Code by maintaining appropriate policies and procedures.

The expectations outlined in this Code are not intended to supersede or alter any relevant laws, regulations, industry codes, applicable standards and contractual obligations, to the extent they contain additional obligations or higher standards than those set out in this Code.

Any questions on how this Code applies to any procurement activity should be discussed with your contact at Export Finance Australia.

Ethics, integrity and conduct

We expect ethical conduct from all our suppliers and compliance with all applicable laws. This extends to all business activities, relationships, sourcing and operations.